One Year

Well, I just realized it’s been a year since my first post.

Today, I’m in Maryland.

Currently, my job consists of having a forklift operator to bring a pallet of equipment to my work area so I can check to ensure the equipment is working properly.  If something is not working, I replace or fix it.  Once I’m satisfied everything is OK, I sign the paperwork and have the forklift operator return the pallet to it’s proper place in the warehouse.

it’s not very “sexy”, but it’s important and all of us there are highly motivated to do the job right.

Everyone there doing this work has, during a disaster response, felt the frustration of dealing with improperly maintained equipment.  When this frustration was brought up with management, they decided to have the users come in to maintain the equipment.  It’s a good idea.  Some dark night, while I’m helping set up a portable hospital’s computer networks and communications systems, I don’t want to ask, “Who is the idiot who last maintained this crap?” and find my name at the bottom of the maintenance log. 🙂

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