Another minor crash

I was in a parking lot, waiting for a car to finish backing out of their spot before I started to move.  They kept coming, and coming and coming and crunch.

This crunch simply bent the bumper slightly more than before.  Since I already have a new bumper…and she managed to escape damage free (her tow hitch hit my bumper), I didn’t feel it necessary to make things official.

I’ve been printing out everything needed for my government job trip.  As expected, the paperwork is voluminous.

  • Airline Boarding Pass
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Shuttle Bus Reservation
  • Orders
  • Travel Authorization
  • Expense Worksheet
  • Contact Information for everyone else
  • Accountability Contact (the folks at headquarters)

There are probably more forms that I forgot, but I have them on my cell phone, so I’ll be OK.


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