Family Vacation

I am in upstate New York, probably 45 minutes from Canada.  We drove the 2500 miles to get here and tent camped along the way.

The first night was in Bluff, UT-a town few have heard of.  It’s in what is called the 4-corners region, which is where Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico share a border.  It is beautiful and I like the people.  I could live there, but my wife and daughter disagree.

There was a bit of sadness when I drove through this area.  Back in the early 1980s, my girlfriend (and later fiancee) was in a pre-med program with the goal of becoming a pediatrician.  My goal was to become an engineer. Our dream was to find a small town in northern or eastern Arizona, New Mexico, southern Utah or southern Colorado, and move there. I would be an engineer for a power or telephone company or perhaps a government agency and she would set up a medical practice.  We had done a lot of camping and met a lot of people in these areas which is how I came to love the area.

That dream closed with her death and the dream was never fully replaced.  Instead of directing my life, I let my life direct me.  Many years later I met someone else, we married and had a daughter.  She’s now 17 and a senior in high school.  While we didn’t have a dream, we did save money (probably 1/3 of our household income)  for retirement and our daughter’s college education.

A new shared dream is slowly forming….find a semi-rural area in the country to semi-retire…..which is why we decided to drive to upstate New York for a (her) family visit.  So far, the only requirements are semi-rural, hobby friendly, a not terribly extreme climate and friendly people

So far we have made it though Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois,  Ohio and New York.  On the way home we will wander through the more southern states.


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