Happy, I am

I’m sitting here, having just finished breakfast that our daughter made and typing away on the laptop while drinking a cup of coffee.

I’m on a US Department of Health and Human Services team that, when needed, staffs a portable hospital that can be deployed to disaster areas.

After this month’s training, I was on the way home when I noticed a tiny market.  Tiny markets intrigue me because they always have some surprise that the bigger stores lack.  This time it was salt and coffee.  I love salt (possibly a bad thing since I have borderline high blood pressure) and I like coffee.  Our 17 year old daughter *LOVES* coffee.

The salt, alder smoked sea salt, is “made” by the Artisan Salt Company.  A little goes a long way, so I don’t need to load the dish down with tons of salt to get the smoke flavor.  The 9 ounce bottle should last a very long time.

The coffee is Mark Ferrari’s Vanilla Royale.  Our daughter loves it and I can see why.   We had to hunt around to find a more local source for the coffee.

So, I’m sitting here, after having eaten home made chorizo. hash browns and eggs, drinking good coffee and smiling about our (now) high school senior daughter.

Life is good. Thank You God.


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