It survived and I’m tired.

The other car survived our daughter driving it to prom.  The guy she was hoping would ask her out was busy with a ‘college campus visit and talk to the football coach’ trip, so she went to prom alone.  She still had a good time.

Today was a busy day.  It started with breakfast–aebleskiver/ebelskiver–daughter asked for it and then smiled…how could I say no.  Then car body work, replacing a fuel pump on the 1950 CJ3A Jeep (that’s how the cj3a name for the page’s address came about), then yard work and then I went over to my mom’s house. After doing her yard work, I noticed a leaking window that damaged some plaster.  The window is now fixed and I’ve redone the plaster.  Next week, I’ll put what they call a knockdown finish on the wall (it’s easy…spray a thinned down plaster on the wall with a $30 tool, wait a few minutes and then lightly slide a wide wallboard tool one time across the sprayed on finish). and then the following week, paint it and move the furniture back into position.  If I could devote full days to it, it would be done in 1-1/2 days (plaster and paint takes time to dry), but I work full time elsewhere, so it has to fall in line with everything else.

Tomorrow morning I’m driving the school bus, so I’ll be up at 4:30am.  After the bus, it’s off to the engineering job.


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