Yesterday, at lunch time in the workplace break room, I was listening to a lady talking to another co-worker about how her mom “drives her crazy” with all the criticism of her and her husband.

The lady is around 30, which should be old enough that her mom should “keep quiet.”

This got me to thinking about my fiancee’s mom, and all the things that she would say.

Comments about her hair–her mom thought it was too short and that it made her look like a boy.  Comments about her looks–her mom thought she should see a plastic surgeon to “add something up top” so she could attract a man.  Comments about our intelligence–asking why a man would want to marry a smart woman.

I thought her hair was absolutely perfect, her “figure” was absolutely astounding and her smarts absolutely fascinating.  As for the other…I’m a man and an engagement ring, to me, implied attraction…..

My mom wasn’t innocent either.

After my fiancee died, I didn’t date for a very long time.  When I did start dating again, my “she’s attractive” preferences caused me to ask out a lot of lesbians.

When I introduced my 2nd fiancee, a nuclear engineer, to my parents, my mom asked, “Are you sure she’s not lesbian?”  I said no and mom went on, “Are you sure?”  I replied, “Yes, I’m sure.  Do you want to know how I know for sure?”

We were both 29.  My dad laughed and my mom… mom was suddenly quiet…



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