Our daughter gave her 1993 Volvo 960 sedan the name of Lucy.

The collision damage was not terribly severe.  If this were a new car, the easy way, get all new parts from the dealer, would make this a quick, easy and moderately painless procedure.

However, since the car is old, and we didn’t want the cost of repairs to exceed twice the value of the car, Lucy was “in critical condition” and “on life support”.

After two fruitless weeks of searching junk yards, we were about ready to “pull the plug”.

Our daughter’s cell phone has an unlimited data plan. Normally she only uses slightly more than the lowest tier plan, but…sometimes….like this month…she uses a tremendous amount of data.

On the way home from the last junk yard she looks up from her phone and says, “Dad. There’s a new junk yard on the way home.  Let’s check there.”

We get there, pay our $1 “cover charge” and…there it is, an early 1993 Volvo 960.  It’s a wagon instead of a sedan, but the front is the same.

We got a hood, the two fenders, most of the plastic parts that hold the headlights in place, the actual headlights and the parking lights.  We still need the air conditioner condenser coil, the grill, the turn signals, a radiator, the inner fenders and the hood latch supports.

This white Volvo 960 has the needed inner fenders.  We would have gotten them on Saturday, but I didn’t have the tools needed to remove the spot welded panels.  The junk yard was closed today, so I’ll take tomorrow afternoon off from work and get the inner fenders and hood latch supports.

So, we’re on our way.  Lucy is much less likely to be scrapped.

Our daughter has been doing most of the work.  I show her how to do something once or twice and then let her do the rest.  It’s been a great learning experience for her.  She’s learning how to use tools, and even more important, how to figure things out…this panel is still not coming loose…..hmm…it feels like there might be a bolt here….yes..there it is……Ok now it’s loose.

It is wonderful.


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