Argus Part 3.

The second Argus projector has been repaired and works perfectly.  It had a burned out lamp, so the fix was as simple as ordering up a new lamp.

I’ve started going through the slides that are still boxed in the little mailing boxes.  I’m glad they were kept in those boxes as the postmark on the box gives a quick idea of the “era” of the photographs.  There is the date mark on the slides themselves, but that requires opening up the the postmark method is quicker.

I’ve counted out more than 500 boxes of slides and there is still one more copy paper box full of the little mailing boxes.  So far, they have been 90% Kodachrome and all but one box of the remainder were Ektachrome.  The one odd ball box was Fuji.

In all but one case, it has been enjoyable looking at the past.  Pictures of my parent’s wedding, pictures of my mom in a Navy officer’s uniform, pictures of my grandparents when they were my age (now), pictures of my brother as he grew up, pictures of me as I grew up, pictures of our dog, pictures of places they went, pictures of where we went, pictures of places and people I don’t recognize.

It’s all there, the recording of 3 generations of lives.

Since my grandfather took the majority of the pictures, I’m hoping to combine the dates on the slide mounts with information in my grandmother’s detailed diary to figure out some of the now unknown places and things.

I’m currently saving up money for a *REALLY GOOD* slide scanner…one that will automatically deal with 36 at a time and be worthy of the images on the slides.


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