On the Road With Our 80 Kids.

My wife and I didn’t get much rest this weekend but we had a great time.

We each drove a bus 3-1/2 hours to a YMCA camp for the school’s entire 8th grade class.  Each bus had 34 eighth graders, 6 high school seniors (team leaders) and 4 adults…and their luggage…  For what it’s worth, I can tell who has gone backpacking.  Backpackers brought just one small bag…:-)

Two more adults followed in their own cars.

Despite starting at 6am, the kids were excited, wide awake and happily chattering away during the entire trip.  Sunday, on the trip home, they were no less excited.

Even though they were excited, they remained respectful of me, the leaders, the other adults, and most importantly, themselves.

I hear people saying how this new generation isn’t worth anything and that they will run the world to Hell…and worse.

I know that every generation has said bad things about the next generation, but it still bothers me when I hear it.  If the “old farts” (people my age, I’m ashamed to say) took the time to be around kids like these 8th graders, they would not be worried.

I actually enjoy telling the “old farts” that their saying the new generation is no good says a lot about themselves…who do they think raised the new generation of kids????  🙂


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