The almost non-post.

I was going to make a post about the aebleskiver pan.  It sort of morphed into a memories post, then into this dutch oven post.

The dutch oven was given to me by my fiancee a few minutes before we went to see her oncologist for the last time.  She had bought it several months earlier for something like $5 from a “junque store” as a gift to the two of us for our honeymoon.  Ever mindful of expenses, our honeymoon was going to be a week long camp out on the beach and she wanted us to have something more than just skillets for cooking.

Fast forward almost 30 years.

When I was cleaning the garage, my wife and daughter found the dutch oven in an old box and asked about it.  I told them its story and my wife responded by saying it would be terrible to not use it (proving once again, I married well).  She then took it inside.

And after a lifetime of it sitting in a box, I cleaned it up, seasoned it and started using it.  It now gets used almost every day.   “It” being a Griswold #7 Tite Top Dutch Oven.


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