Aebleskiver/Ebleskiver/Danish pancake balls.

pan The aebleskiver was, as usual, well liked. There are a bunch of recipes on the Internet for these, so if you have one of these pans, pick a recipe and try it.  I usually make mine with Granny Smith apples that have been cut up into tiny pieces and cooked in butter and cinnamon until soft.  Uncooked raisins work well too.

The process is to fill each hole about 1/2 full of batter, add some apple chips and then fill the hole the rest of the way with the batter.   As the batter cooks, it will pull away from the edges of the pan.  When this happens, I use a fork handle or spoon handle to turn the ball over and so it will cook on the other side.

I stick a toothpick in the middle of one of the balls to see if it is cooked…toothpick comes out clean equals cooked.  If it needs more cooking, I rotate the ball over again, wait a bit and do the toothpick test again.

When they’re done, I sprinkle some powdered white sugar on them and serve them.

The ones I make are crispy on the outside and kind of soft/slightly gooey on the inside.  I’m self taught in the ways of aebleskiver, so I don’t know if this is right, or not.  If you know, let me know…please….  I may continue to make them “my” way, but I still would like to know what is considered properly cooked for these treats.


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