Grandparents for a weekend

Our 17 year old daughter, a high school junior, is taking a childhood development class and one of the assignments is to take care of a robot baby for a weekend.  She wears a special bracelet that is keyed to that “baby” and it’s set up so she can’t remove the bracelet without cutting it.  When “baby” requires attention, the bracelet is detected so she can’t just hand “baby” over to someone else and head out for the weekend.

Other sensors within the “baby” detect if the head is over tilted, if there was too much jostling, if a bottle is held near the mouth and how long it takes “mom” to attend to “baby’s” needs.  The internal computer apparently records the above information and decides when and why to make “baby” cry–hungry, needs burped, diaper change or just wants to be held.

It’ a pretty good simulation of a real baby and a good lesson for the high schoolers, both in terms of the work that goes into caring for a baby and by extension….”if you must….be careful.”

So, starting Friday at 3pm and ending at 6am on Monday, we are “grandparents”.

Our daughter is like a brand new mother….frantic when baby cries, not sure what the different baby noises might mean and absolutely frantic when baby continues to cry after she has gone through her little checklist.

This assignment is worth 3 tests, and she wants to do well, so she is stressed a bit.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to surprise her with one of her favorite breakfasts; aebleskiver.  I hope it reduces her stress level a bit.


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