The bug.

bugToday, I took this off the shelf and played with it for a little bit.  I used it a lot “back in the day” and the old habits came back pretty quickly.

It’s officially a semi-automatic telegraph key.  Unofficially it’s called a “bug”.   One sends Morse code with it.

This helped me avoid college loans.

In a few minutes I was back to about 20 words per minute, which was the speed used for the licensing exams.

I find it yet another example of me being a high tech Luddite.  I spend all day working on LTE wireless networks, yet the 150+ year old Morse code and century old “bugs” are not strangers.

If you’re interested in this stuff, check out


One thought on “The bug.

  1. Chief Troublemaker says:

    Way cool! This is fascinating stuff 🙂 As you know, we just started our HAM radio course earlier in the year, and whilst it’s no longer a required component to learn morse code, the idea of learning it is quite fascinating. So far, I don’t know much… s.o.s… and oddly, s.m.s. which was the ring tone on one of my old Nokia phones when I got a text message. It took me ages to come to the realization that the sound might be morse code and when I looked up the code for dot dot dot.. dash dash.. dot dot dot, lo and behold – SMS which of course stood for Short Message Service used for sending text messages on your cell phone before iMessage and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

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