Sick Day

Yesterday I had a cough and a sore throat.  My work computer is a laptop.  You may wonder how these are related.

I have a high speed Internet connection and when I asked, work provided me a laptop docking station, a keyboard, a mouse and a pair of large monitors.  If there were an emergency preventing me from making it to work,  I can log into work stuff from home and be as efficient here as at work.  Even the desk phone transfers to an instrument sitting on my home office desk.  The only things I don’t have is the high speed printer and the E size plotter, but I can get by without them.

This arrangement also works well when I’m feeling well enough to work but don’t want to spread my illness around….like yesterday.  For what it’s worth, my company doesn’t have a telecommuting arrangement.  I wish they did as it’s a 90 minute drive (each way) to and from work.  I have moved offices 5 times and each time the drive to work has become longer.

Today, I didn’t even feel well enough to do any meaningful work.  My throat was very sore and I was coughing like crazy, which is a bad combination.  So I just called in sick and “chilled”.  I was so good at “chilling” that I was shivering  and I spent most of the day in bed all covered up with blankets.

Tonight I actually feel pretty well. The cough is almost gone, my sore throat is 95% resolved and my chills are no longer an issue.  I will work tomorrow. The only question is whether to go into work or stay home and work.  Because of the drive and that I may still be somewhat contagious, I will try to work from home.


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