Argus part 2

Mom and I spent yesterday afternoon looking through about 100 slides. For her, it was an emotional experience seeing pictures of her parents and her husband (my dad..same person).

For me, the most interesting pictures were those where I was young and could clearly remember the event shown in the pictures.  For those, I could close my eyes and simultaneously be in the “then” and the “now”, even though the times were separated by almost 1/2 a century.  It turns out that HG Wells’ Time Machine is really an Argus slide projector.

I found several more copy paper boxes–the kind that holds 10 reams of paper–that contain slides still in the little mailing boxes.  The post marks on the boxes range from the mid 1940s to the late 1970s, with the majority being from 1955 to about 1966.

I also found another Argus slide projector that is set up to conveniently as possible handle single slides.  This one’s projector lamp was missing, so I ordered a couple of lamps.


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