Not long ago, I discovered that my 96 year old mother still had the slide photographs taken by my late grandfather.  These slides were all loaded into square tubular “magazines” and I very much wanted to look at the slides.  I was somewhat disheartened when I thought about moving many thousand slides over to a less obsolete slide projector system.

When I was working in mom’s garage, I noticed an old Argus slide projector and remembered that my grandfather used it with those square magazines.  I brought the projector home, cleaned it inside and out and lubricated the cooling fan motor.  It now works very well and, yes, it uses those square magazines.

I  brought a set of slides home so I could test the projector and the images are intriguing.  It looks like the pictures are those of my childhood’s backyard, except these pictures are of the place before the house was built.

Tomorrow I will take the projector and a screen over to my mom’s house and the two of us will start looking at slides.  My mom is very excited about this and I am too.


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