Daughter, Isuzu Trooper, Full Circle

I’ve written about the Isuzu Trooper before.  It’s the vehicle that took our newborn Daughter home from the hospital.  She learned to drive it (some) when she had her driver learning permit, but since she passed her driving test and got the old Volvo (a free car from a friend), she hasn’t driven the Trooper very much.   She prefers the automatic transmission in the Volvo over the manual transmission in the Trooper.

Today, she asked if I would ride with her in the Trooper and remind her how to drive it. I jumped at that chance and that’s what we did for a couple of hours today.  A little more practice is all it will take for me to feel comfortable with her driving it in heavy traffic.   Riding in a car while my daughter drives, and not feeling worried, is an amazing thing.

She’s 17 and a high school junior.  It seems like only a few days ago that I drove my wife to the birthing center at the local hospital…just the two of us…and then the three of us driving home.  It won’t be long before the three of us drive to college, and my wife and I drive home…just the two of us.

One other thought. I’ve always stressed the concept of versatility in the sense that it’s much better to be able to do many things reasonably well rather than just one thing perfectly.  She made me smile when she said that she wanted to make sure she knew how to drive a manual transmission car, just in case she had to at some point in the future.

And, that, I feel, was my daughter’s Valentine’s day present to me.


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