A bad Monday.

I drove the school bus again and I think “my” kids got a R (movie) rated ride to school.

I’m guessing the wreck occurred just a few seconds before I (and my bus) got there.  The motorcycle was under the car, the motorcycle rider was about 4 traffic lanes away from his bike, laying in a puddle of blood, and people were just starting to run toward the downed rider.  I noticed the rider had not been wearing a helmet.

Because the wreck was completely blocking the road, I had to wait  for police to clear out enough cars so I could make a wide U turn to get out of there.   During these 10 minutes, the kids (kindergarteners through 8th grade) had a terrible view.

At lunch, about 5 hours after the wreck, the intersection was still closed for the police investigation and the intersection was expected to remain closed for another 3 or 4 hours….that can’t be good news.

I suppose I could be pointed out as coddling the kids…I would agree.   I’ve seen enough bad things like this and I’d prefer “my” kids, especially the younger ones, not have to see that kind of stuff.


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