My Mom

My mom is ‘slowing’ down.  She’s almost 97, so I guess I should expect it, but I still hate to admit it.

In my heart, I’m 5 years old and she’s still Superwoman.  In my mind I know that’s not true.

Before my dad died, they visited a very good attorney and everything is in order so my brother or I can step in and start taking care of mom’s affairs.  The attorney said it would be easy.  I don’t believe him.  When I have to start using the power of attorney form, I won’t be able to pretend that I’m 5 years old.

We are very lucky in other ways.  Mom’s next door neighbor is a nurse that would be retired except for us.  We pay them for their services, as we should.  If they weren’t there, mom would need to be in a nursing home.


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