The Mutating Project

Today I did the first useful thing since I’ve been on vacation.  It’s a story of how a simple project mutates into something much more than just a simple project.

On the way in from the garage is a medium sized cabinet top that is perfect for “temporarily” placing things down as one walks in from the garage.  Because it is so perfect, it tends to collect stuff more quickly than it’s cleaned up.

So, yesterday I started cleaning of the cabinet top.  When I got done, I discovered the the wood finish was worn and it looked worse clean than it did piled with lots of dust covered stuff.

So, I pulled out the vibratory sander, put some 80 grit sandpaper on it and cleaned off the old finish–a kind of sort of whitewash kind of clear stain.

It took me about a quarter of a second of listening to the sander to convince me to go get my hearing protection and since I was there, I also grabbed a N95 respirator (heavy duty dust mask that looks like a surgical mask on steroids).

After a session with the 80,180 and 320 grit sandpaper, the top looks great albeit bare..

Better yet, my ears aren’t ringing and the white turned to yellow respirator tells me I won’t be needing a box of tissues to clear out my nose.

Since I didn’t bother with plastic sheeting to contain the dust, by tomorrow the house will be in severe need of dusting.  That’s OK.  While we’re dusting, we can remove the woolly mammoth sized dust bunnies that were starting to scare the dogs.

When the dust settles, or tomorrow, which ever comes first, I’ll re-stain the cabinet top.

You know what’s scary?  I may end up doing the kitchen cabinets.  They could use it too.  At least I can remove the fronts and work outside.

Do you now see why I say projects “mutate”? 🙂


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