Dishwasher fix.

I have a LG LDF6920 dishwasher.  It was randomly aborting the wash and draining the wash water, followed by showing an E1 on the display.  Maybe 1 out of 5 or 6 washes would end this way.  Also, the wash quality had deteriorated from its normal very good.

It turned out the pump passages and the filter under the wash spray arm was clogged.  This was limiting the amount of water available to pump up to the rest of the dishwasher.


Pop the spray arm and solid disk off — just pull straight up with about 10 pounds of force.  Look in the mesh windows with a flashlight.  If the passages appear to be clogged, just follow your instincts for removing the assembly and flush it out with water from a garden hose.  There are 10 phillips head screws, one clamp held with a screw and when putting this back together, make sure the gasket is correctly positioned.

If your instincts aren’t talking to you when you look at it, you probably should call a repair company.


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