How I met my wife.

The first time I saw her was at a hiking club meeting.  The tables in the room were set up in a U shape, with the folks running the meeting standing at the open end of the U.  I was sitting at the bottom of the U and she was sitting on the (speaker’s) left side of the U.

I noticed her right away.  Black short hair, 5′-4″ tall, kind of thin, glasses.  As requested, we all introduced ourselves with our name, the division of the company we worked in and our position within the company.  She was a nuclear engineer working about 60 miles from where I lived and worked.  She was nice looking, smart, and as near as I could tell had no “off-limits” rings.

She disappeared before I could get a chance to talk with her. 😦

The next time I saw her was at a camp out put on by that club.  I got to talk a little bit with her and she seemed pleasant enough.  I hoped I had left the same impression.

The third time I saw her was on a Christmas walk up an urban mountain trail.  She was with her dad.  I hiked nearby them and when she went ahead of her dad, I swooped in, talked with her a bit and then asked if she’d like to go out.  The answer was yes.

She stopped and waited for her dad and the three of us talked awhile.  It turned out her dad, before he retired, did the same kind of work that I did, so I was even able to talk with her dad even before our first date.

The date, as described earlier, was kind of a disaster, but we had a good time and we had quite a laugh over it.

The middle of May I proposed marriage.  It was one of those things that I *just* knew was right.  Now that I think about it, it was a good thing she said yes.  We were at the junction of the Boucher and Tonto trails in the Grand Canyon.  Had she said “no”, it would have been an awkward walk and ride home.

I never did get her an engagement ring.  She didn’t want one as she was afraid that the diamond would get lost during one of our outdoor treks.  What she wanted was a simple gold wedding band and that is what I got her.  I have one too.  They are engraved with the wedding date.

I think that first date was a blessing in disguise.  It showed us that we could still laugh when life doesn’t go according to our plans.


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