Eggnog after the store sells out.

I was making the “last chance shop” at the grocery store tonight when my wife sent me a text message asking me to get some eggnog.

U-turn from the long checkout line to go get eggnog.  Look high.  Look low.  Look everywhere.  No eggnog.  Push the help button, “Assistance needed in dairy.”   comes over the store’s sound system.  The dairyman comes out and I ask for eggnog.  “No eggnog.”

They had cream and whole milk, so I got them.  I already had eggs in the grocery cart and I have a well stocked spice section in my pantry.  So, I was good to go.

While checking out, the clerk asked if I found everything OK. “No eggnog, so I’m making my own.”  She was surprised and didn’t know one could make it.  I guess it has (like meats for most people) just magically appeared in the store.

My eggnog recipe relies on uncooked eggs and those can be risky for folks with not so great immune systems….like my 96 year old mom.  So, I searched around on the Internet a bit and found the cooked eggnog recipe at

It had the same spices that I use in my raw eggnog but was cooked, so I used it.

The recipe says to let the eggnog cool an hour before serving. I didn’t want to wait an hour, so the engineer in me went to work.  I made up a salt-water ice cube bath and put the jar of warm eggnog into the cold water.  10 minutes later, the eggnog was near freezing and I could serve it.

Mom liked it.  My mother in law liked it.  I liked it.  Our daughter liked the no brandy version.


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