Another kind of boomer.

For reference, the tile in the picture below is 18 inches (45cm) on each side, so the diagonal is a bit more than 2 feet (65cm).

Anyway, the road home from the rifle range takes me along the same route that folks use to come back into town from a nearby lake.  The police had a DUI checkpoint set up to look for folks that had too much to drink at the lake.  I had to stop there as well.

“Good afternoon sir….WHAT is THAT!?”  The latter was in response to the officer noticing my pistol cradled very nicely in the front seat by the seat belt.

“A pistol.”
“Does it kick much?”
“Have you ever fired a .308?”
“This fires a 7-08.  It’s probably 90% of a .308”

He quietly mutters, “F——–“, and then more loudly, “You can go.”

xp-100The police here are so mellow about things like this. 🙂

In reality it doesn’t kick as bad as one would imagine.  There is no doubt about it when it goes off, but it’s not a “kicks like a mule”.  What is bad is its report (the bang).  It is ****LOUD****; loud enough that I need to wear ear plugs and ear muffs.


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