Mom, Christmas and The Litttle Drummer Boy.

I got my Christmas “shopping” done early for my mom.

  • A new walker.
  • “Everything proof” mattress covers.
  • An eye exam.
  • New glasses.
  • Dinner.

The old walker’s safety was ever so slightly degraded, so I got her a new one.

The mattress covers will save her bed….enough said on that one.

It has been about 14 months since her last eye exam and I thought it was time for a new one.  The optometrist started out a bit impatient because I mentioned my mom was a bit hard of hearing and that she hates her hearing aids.  I kind of bristled at the impatience and it turned out the optometrist quickly warmed to my mom.   Mom’s eye glass correction prescription changed ever so slightly from her last pair of eye glasses and her eye health is very much better than would be expected for even a 50 year old.  A new set of glasses are being made.  Mom likes to watch the birds in her backyard and I’d like her to have as perfectly clear vision as is possible.

Dinner is a chance to be with family and I greatly enjoy cooking.

As I was getting these things for her over the past few days, I was, the whole time, thinking of what to get her for Christmas.  After 96 years, she had just about everything she wants.  Then I thought of what I was doing.  At first, I thought that they weren’t really very good gifts, but then I heard “The Little Drummer Boy” being played on the radio.  Suddenly I was OK with my gifts to my mom…the gift of time and love.


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