Waffles for breakfast.

Yesterday, while working on a car (and waiting for my sourdough bread to rise), I took a break and searched around for posts tagged with sourdough.  I found https://wordpress.com/read/blog/id/80144811/ and decided I’d try that.

My wife isn’t a huge pancake/waffle fan, but our daughter thinks breakfasts of waffles are “perfection”.  Bacon, to be dragged around in the maple syrup, makes the perfection even more perfect.

Like usual, the first waffle is “dog food” and is used only to see how long it takes to cook the waffles.  It’s sort of like an artillery spotting round, except it’s much more quiet.  In this case, with the batter the way it was and the stove set as it was..it was 1-1/2 minutes per side.  Next time it might be one minute, or 2 minutes per side, hence the spotting round method.

This recipe is one I will use again.  Our daughter and I liked the whole wheat flavor and with my starter, the waffles would rise up enough to spread the waffle iron plates as they cooked…which makes a light, airy waffle.

1214141018-resizedSometimes I wonder about my relationship with technology.  Electric waffle irons aren’t that expensive, probably work better and are likely less dangerous.

Perhaps this relationship will be a new blog post.


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