Mom is home

My mom is home from the hospital.  Nothing was found that would explain what hapened.

Amazingly she stays in her own home.  She’s greatly assisted by her next door neighbor–a retired army nurse that keeps their nursing license current just for us–and myself.

It’s sometimes scarey, my mom living alone, but it’s important to her.  Over the years, with my grandparents, my parents and now just my mom, elderly folks don’t fear death.  They know it’s coming someday.  What they *do* fear is their loss of their usefulness to others and most of all, being a burden on others.

So, for my mom, like with my (and my wife’s too) daughter, if they want, I will sit back and let them do it, whatever that might be, themselves.  I may be nervous and ready to spring up and rescue them–something I hope I hide well and I have learned to wait.  Doing otherwise would rob them of the feeling of usefulness as well as make them feel like a burden and that would be giving them their worst fears.


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