This Thanksgiving dinner turned out pretty well despite the plans being thrown into disarray.  Yesterday I had to take my 96 year old mom to the hospital emergency department and she was admitted to the hospital.

An obviously barely conscious 96 year old with a history of atrial fibrillation that is complaining of pressure in her chest, a sore back and nausea gets quick attention at the triage desk.  Normally I would have called an ambulance, but when this started, she was in the car with me while I was running errands and we were about 250 yards from the hospital emergency entrance.

Three hours later she was back to her normal self.  It did not appear to be a heart problem, nor a stroke.  But the doctors saw what I did and are digging deeper to see if they can figure anything out besides TMB (too many birthdays).

So, no prep work was done last night.  Today, with one oven, the microwave oven, the grill acting as an oven and the stove, I managed to cook the turkey, squash, baked potato casserole, gravy, stuffing from a box, rolls from a bag and a totally home made pumpkin pie.

I had to skip the sourdough rolls, bacon wrapped asparagus sprouts, the cheese-cake and my version of mom’s sour cream-orange slice-crushed pineapple-coconut dish that I dearly love.

In the scheme of things this was a decent Thanksgiving, although it would have been nice to have my mom and mother in law here.  My wife’s mom had knee surgery several months ago and still considers herself too weak to ride 10 minutes to the house…..

I’m sitting here, waiting for things to cool down so I can more easily carve the turkey and put things away.

I put out some suet and bird seed first thing this morning.  I don’t know if the birds are thankful that they found a food source or not and there is nothing special out there, sparrows, finches and doves, but it’s fun watching them as I type this.

My most memorable and meaningful thanksgiving was 2 years ago.  I was sitting on an upturned 5 gallon paint bucket with a sort of warm MRE at my feet and eating while I was configuring a router so a couple of computers could “do” Skype via a satellite communications system.  It wasn’t hazardous or crazy or anything like that, but it sure made a lot of people smile. I’m very thankful for smiles.


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