The grocery store where I shop was running a “special”–buy one turkey, get a smaller one for free.

So, I ended up with two turkeys and cooked one yesterday.

I carved it up and have bagged up the meat, 1/2 pound per bag, and it’s back in the freezer where it will be ready for quick meals.

The last couple of years that my father was alive, his medical condition required a strict limitation of the amount of sodium that he consumed.  He loved soup, but all the soups, even the low sodium ones, had too much salt for him.

This started my tradition of simmering the turkey carcass to make turkey stock (or broth, take your pick for the name) and canning it so my mom could make soup.

My dad died, but the tradition, now 12 years old, lives on.  The turkey carcass has been slowly simmering, covered in water, for about 15 hours in a covered pot.  The meat is completely off of the bones and the segmented bones have come apart.  This means the stock will be like Jello when it cools.

Turkey flavored Jello sounds weird, but add a bit of water, some seasoning (no salt), some noodles and vegetables, call it soup and the weirdness goes away.

All that’s left is to let it cool so I can spoon off the fat, put it into pint jars and process it through the pressure canner…and the tradition goes on.


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