Justice and Karma For All

I drove the school bus this morning.  It was a good day with only one irritation that ended up making me smile.

The good part was that a 6th grade girl was playing her harmonica on the bus.  She is quite good at it and she was taking song requests.  Except for the wonderful harmonica playing, the bus was very quiet.

It really irritates me when a car drives by “my” bus when I’m stopped to pick up students.

In this state, the law requires I have the school bus red lights flashing and the stop sign out when I’m picking up or dropping off students—even if they don’t have to cross the street.  The law also requires motorists going either way on the street to stop and not pass a bus that is displaying a stop sign and flashing its red school bus lights.  There are some exceptions to stopping if the road is divided, but none of those applied at this stop.

So, this morning, I was picking up a kid and, as usual, the stop sign was out and the red lights were flashing….and a car not only drove right by my bus, but the driver stuck his arm out his car window and FLIPPED ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!

School buses are big and can hide things from view.  It’s possible my bus could be hiding a child from view and that’s why these laws exist.

This morning I just happened to be hiding a motorcycle cop. 🙂

The cop had the motorist stopped by the time the student sat down in his seat.  I’m sure they had a wonderful conversation.


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