Desert Living and more random thoughts.

Living in the desert has its advantages.  Where else (in November) can one put on some gym shorts and a workout shirt, go kayaking after the sun sets and not freeze?  My wife and I got onto the water around 5:30pm yesterday and kayaked around the lake for about 3 hours.

We didn’t take the expensive camera, which can handle low light photography, because we didn’t want to risk getting it dunked in the lake and the cell phone cameras don’t take worthwhile pictures in the dark, so I don’t have any pictures.  You’ll have to take my word for it, it’s a lot of fun and was very beautiful.

My wife sometimes goes kayaking alone and we had to make changes to accommodate limitations brought about by her breast cancer..  She used to be able to load a kayak onto a roof rack on the Jeep Commander’s roof, but the mastectomy and axillary lymph node dissection ruined that. The accommodation was to build a small kayak trailer. Now, the kayaks don’t need to be lifted more than knee high, so she doesn’t need to do a long stretch, high strength maneuver.

She hates the physical limitations that breast cancer has caused.  “hates” isn’t strong enough, perhaps HATES…no, that isn’t strong enough either…but you get the idea.   For what it’s worth, I hate it too.  The reason I was so attracted to her at first was her looks.  Then I discovered her independence and intelligence.  After that, I was a very determined suitor! 🙂  Fortunately intelligence and the attitude of independence is most important.  With that attitude, one will use the intelligence to figure out, as was the case here, how to adapt, improvise and overcome.

Back in May I had bought a *NICE* (probably somewhat extravagant) collection of knives from a local shop that specializes in high end kitchen knives.  I say collection instead of set because I chose knives based on how each of the knives’ handles felt in my hand, and they ended up being from several different knife makers.  I’ve always had cheap $20 knife sets that were never very good.  These knives ranged from $150 to $250 PER KNIFE and are simply amazing to use.

Over time, my favorite knife, one that reminds me of a short chef’s knife, started to dull a bit and the honing rod wouldn’t bring the edge back.

I took a kitchen knife sharpening class at the same place and I bought one of the sharpening stones ($44) they had on sale.  It’s a clay 1000 grit stone and when I got it home, I tried out my newly learned, but not yet perfected skills.  After about two minutes of work…wow….


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