Sunday instead of Saturday

Yesterday I “didn’t get a lot done” except for making the realization that the world is small.

So, today will make up for yesterday.

Last night, our daughter and my wife went to a concert.  I stayed home and went shopping.  It seems like a reversal of the traditional mom and dad roles.  That’s OK.

I went shopping at the local butcher shop and got a USDA Prime rated (!) roast.  I normally don’t do that as that meat is EXPENSIVE.  This roast was over $120.  I figure I’ll have my mom and mother-in-law over for dinner.

My mom is 96 and would just as soon not be so isolated.  My mother-in-law is 80 and is more isolated than my mom.  So…..maybe cut down on their isolation, practice some home entertainment and have a great meal.

The other thing I picked up is a small pumpkin.  I baked it last night, along with a chicken.  It was very convenient that the two needed the same oven temperature.  (Note to self.  When getting a retirement house, get a second oven.)  The baking time was spent making a graham cracker pie shell.  This morning pumpkin pie is in the oven and making the house smell really great.

The two dogs and the cat are guarding the oven.  They are not sitting right next to the oven–they know better than that–but instead are about 10 feet away and watching the approaches to the oven.

I’ve got sourdough bread (the family loves the stuff) making it’s first rise.  This sourdough starter works quickly and it will only take a couple of hours to be ready to put into the bread pans.

I’m debating on what’s next.  Bacon wrapped asparagus or some twice baked potatoes for appetizers and a salad.

I think that should be enough.


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