Grand Humor.

The pictures I posted earlier were my idea of humor. Two scenery pictures and a picture of a pile of ice cream do not do justice to the Grand Canyon.  But that’s how we do it; hike the Grand Canyon, take a couple of pictures and eat ice cream.

My wife and I have been walking around in the Grand Canyon for more than 25 years.  I asked her to marry me at the junction of the Boucher Trail and the Tonto Trail.  In all that time, I’ve never liked to take pictures of the Grand Canyon.  I find it hard to experience the place while being on the lookout for the ONE PERFECT SHOT, which (like I said earlier) will not do the scene justice.

So, when we do walk in the ‘canyon, we take a few snap shots and think about ice cream.

This time was my wife’s idea.  It was an 8 hour trudge of what normally is an easy 4 hour walk.  We walked down to Indian Gardens and then back out.  The two scenery pictures were taken just above the 3 mile rest house, one looking down at where we were and one looking up at where we were going.  The last picture was taken at the ice cream shop at Bright Angel Lodge.

Our 16 year old daughter took about 2 hours to walk down and about 2-1/2 hours to walk out.  We were proud of her.

My wife and I took 2 hours to walk down and about 6 hours to walk out.  I was proud of my wife.  6 hours can’t compare with 2-1/2 hours, but unlike my wife, our daughter doesn’t have a bunch of recently abandoned “hide the bald head from the sun” hats.

Nearly every Memorial Day weekend my wife and I day hike rim to rim to rim (it’s one hell of a long walk in the park).  Her breast cancer treatment’s lingering effects caused a two year interruption.  We’re hoping we can get back to our old ways in time for next Memorial Day.

And if our daughter day hikes it with us, I’ll get her the pink shirt that I saw in the store today.  It’s not a breast cancer shirt.  This one says, “I’ll bet you wish your girl friend could hike like me.”  If it’s no longer available, I’ll get one printed up for her.


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