A thank you to the city parks department.

I drove the school bus this morning. They call it a 66 passenger bus, but with the normal mixture of different sized kids and their backpacks, 50 is a more realistic number.  This year I have 48 kids on the bus.

When the routes are set up, I look for a convenience store that has a parking lot able to accommodate the bus and is a couple of minutes drive time from the first stop.  I leave school about 10 minutes early, use the restroom at the store, get a bottle of water and wait until it’s “just right” before heading to the first stop.  So, no matter the traffic, I’m always at the first stop at the scheduled time.

There is nothing worse than leaving the convenience store for the hour long route and immediately wishing I could go back there for a few more minutes.  If, around 6:20am this morning, you saw a yellow bus pull into the parking lot at a neighborhood city park, and the driver head into the building, you saw me.  I was only 1 minute late to the first stop.

Thank you city parks department.  You made my drive much more comfortable.


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