Another hobby

My dad, if he were still alive, would be 101 years old.  A few weeks before he died, he gave me his childhood rifle and pistol.  He said he got the rifle when he was 9 and the pistol when he was 12.  The rifle is a Remington Model 12 and the pistol is a Colt Woodsman.

I finally got around to having a gunsmith check them out and they were both pronounced “safe to shoot”, but the rifle could benefit from some additional work.   I had told the gunsmith about their history and he said that if they weren’t my dad’s guns, he would offer to buy the pistol. He then went on to say to only shoot standard velocity ammunition in the pistol; that it hadn’t ever been converted to shot the newer ammunition.

Since the rifle is still at the gunsmith’s place, all I could shoot was the pistol.

The range master told me the bottom of the target I was using would hit the backstop if it were pushed back past just over 24 yards, so I ran the target all the way out, pulled it back just enough so it would hang straight down and remembered what my dad had taught me.

I was pleased that something nearly 100 years old still works so well.

pistol target

The first shots.

pistol target

After adjusting the sites.



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