I’m human!!!!!!!!

Last week I received a letter saying that within the next 90 days I need to receive booster immunizations for; Rabies, Typhoid Fever, Yellow Fever, Tdap, Japanese encephalitis, and “the flu”.  The letter went on to say that a suitable titer would be accepted in lieu of a rabies booster shot.

I took care of most of them yesterday.  I’ll go back and finish off the list in a few weeks.

The doctor felt it was better to see if I really needed a rabies booster before actually giving me one, so she drew blood (herself) and filled out the form for the rabies titer test. She had never filled out the form before and as she was completing it, she started laughing. On the form was a section entitled “SPECIES”.  Human was just one of many possible selections.

I’m happy to report the doctor checked the “human” box.  I was relieved. 🙂


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