Bus Driving


This week I drove the school bus.  I’m a substitute driver so I don’t drive every day.  It also means I don’t know what route or bus I’ll be using, so it can be a bit of a challenge.  Fortunately there are only a few routes and a few buses, so it’s not *that* bad.  I must say it’s kind of fun and it’s a challenge.  The kids and the challenge keep me feeling young.

My engineering job starts at 8am and when I drive I’m about 15 minutes late to work.  Since my job has flex time, I can get in anytime from 6am to 9am without any problems, so this works out perfectly.

My state says there is an “extreme shortage” of school bus drivers.  If you are in a similar situation where you can sometimes get to work a few minutes late, call the school district and see if they could use you.  All you need is a good sense of humor, the ability to get the kids to do what you need (safety stuff) without them realizing it, a good driving record, no medical conditions that could make you a dangerous driver and a clean criminal record.  You might find it to be a lot of fun.


Geek points to anyone who understands, without looking it up, the first and last lines of the post.


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