Isuzu Trooper

This morning I checked the oil in the manual transmission in my 1995 Isuzu Trooper.  I had to get out the special tools, a 1 inch drive impact wrench in this case, to get the oil fill plug out. This wrench is such that if the bolt won’t move, the car will probably flip over.  I don’t know why the bolt was so tight, but then I also never did figure out why the lady swallowed the fly.

The oil level was low.  I filled it. I feel better.

This Trooper has gone over 238,000 miles and is still going strong.  It was 3 years old when our newborn daughter rode home for the first time and it was instrumental in teaching her how to drive.  There aren’t many cars that can “put that on their resume”.

The only thing wrong with  the Trooper is the back door.  It doesn’t open smoothly.  The Trooper has been rear ended (collision) four times by unlicensed and uninsured drivers while we were stopped for a red traffic light (or a school bus or an ambulance with red lights and siren going, or when we were in a parking space).  This is rather interesting because my state has a mandatory insurance law and a law that all drivers be licensed.

This just goes to show the law can’t prevent anything.  The law can only act as a guide for the folks who pay attention to the such things and to allow society to deal, after the fact, with those who ignored the guidance..

The four collisions only caused minor damage and illustrated the above lesson to daughter, so it wasn’t totally bad; just mostly bad.

I found a Trooper back door at the junk yard.  When it’s not 9 million degrees outside, I’ll replace the back door.  Getting the door properly aligned should provide me some opportunities to practice my harsh language.


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