What a day

Yesterday I got the phone call that starts off kind of bad, and doesn’t really improve much.

“This is Mrs. ______.  I’m the principal at _____ High School.  Your daughter was in a race in the gym and hit her head.  She’s in the nurse’s office.  She doesn’t need an ambulance, but the nurse feels it would be appropriate that your daughter be evaluated by a doctor.  Your daughter told me her mom works closer than you to the school, so I’ve already called your wife and she’s on her way here now.”

I met everyone at the emergency department. I could tell daughter didn’t feel well–her normal sense of humor was missing. The doctor felt she had a mild concussion.  She has a headache and her neck is sore, but will be just fine.  And, her sense of humor has returned. After her neck quits hurting, she’ll need to visit her doctor to be cleared to return to swim team practice.

My second biggest worry (daughter’s well being is first) is that the school will eliminate, in the name of reaching the impossible goal of zero risk, one more fun activity in the gym.  This is the first incident in 20 years and several thousand races, so it’s apparently more safe than walking between classes with all those super risky nose bleed and concussion causing classroom doors that open into the hallways.

The circuit I built is working.  I haven’t connected the GPS receiver to it yet, but if the GPS receiver does what it says, that won’t be a problem.

Dinner tonight is going to be a roasted pork shoulder, green beans, a salad and some home made sourdough rolls. It takes about 2-1/2 hours to cook a 4 pound pork shoulder.  I make a rub of 2tbsp of red wine vinegar, 2tbsp of olive oil, 2tbsp of Kosher salt, 4tbsp of brown sugar, 1-1/2tbsp of powdered red pepper, 2 tsp of white pepper, 2tsp of ginger, 2tsp of garlic powder, mix it up and rub it on the pork.  I cook the pork for 15-20 minutes at as high a temperature as the oven will reach (over 500F degrees) and then lower the temperature to about 250F degrees for the remainder of the cooking time.  It’s done when the meat thermometer reaches 145 degrees and I wait 3 minutes between removing the roast from the oven and carving it up.

Hint #1. I line the cooking pan with aluminum foil and put a small rack in the pan to hold the pork above the pan.  This way, I don’t have to scrub the  pan and the meat doesn’t have a greasy side.

Hint #2.  This generates a lot of smoke.  Open a window or you’ll be testing the smoke detectors.

Speaking of smoke detectors (see, this is a bunch of random thoughts).  Did you know they have a lifespan of about 10 years?  There is a tiny amount of harmless–unless you smash the smoke detector into a powder and eat it, snort it or rub it into a large open wound–radioactive material within the smoke detector.  Radioactive material changes over time.  After 10 years there’s been enough change that the smoke detector looses sensitivity. 


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