I was right.

Mom’s refrigerator really was struggling to keep its cool.  The condenser fan had quit working.  $35 for a new one, 15 minutes to install it and all is good again.


Last night’s dinner turned out well,  It was a simple affair; the chicken, brown rice, a tossed salad and beans.  It is 45C/110F outside, so simple was “do it all on the BBQ so I don’t heat up the kitchen and make the air conditioner run even more”.  I’ve cooked lots of chicken on the BBQ, but I’ve never boiled rice on the BBQ.  I wouldn’t do it with a plastic handled pan, but my small dutch oven worked perfectly.

The marinade gives the chicken a nice lime flavor.  There is no lime in the marinade, so it’s just a nice tasting illusion.



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